YOLOPARK is participating in the 2023 WF Shanghai Expo from October 2nd to 3rd at booth E4-A15!Here come several series of brand-new products!


「Transformers – Rise of the Beasts」

+IES Series Optimus Primal

+AMK Pro Series 17cm Mirage Model Kit

+AMK Series Scourge/Cheetor/Rhinox/Optimus Prime/Optimus Primal/Bumblebee Model Kit


「Transformers –Generation 1」

+AMK Pro Series 20cm Optimus Prime & 20cm Megatron &18cm starscream Model Kit

+AMK Mini Series Optimus Prime/Bumblebee/Megatron/Soundwave/Starscream/Grimlock Model Kit


「Transformers –Bumblebee」

+IIES Series 62cm Cybertron Optimus Prime - Deluxe Version

+AMK Pro Series 20cm Soundwave & ravage Model Kit


OTF Series Racer Juliet Model kit

Alfa Romeo F1 team KICK Formula Racing Bricks


WF limited activities waiting for you!

1.IIES Series 62cm Nemesis Prime PRE-ORDER limited to 20 units in total (10 units/day)

S.R.P.: 17800 RMB

2.PRE-ORDER IIES Series 62cm Cybertron Optimus Prime-Standard Version,the top 20 could get free Earth-mode outer armor (10 units/day)

S.R.P.:17800RMB  Deposit:3000RMB

3.IES Series 62cm Optimus Primal-Deluxe Version PRE-ORDER limited to 10 units in total (5 units/day)

S.R.P.:15999RMB   Deposit:1999RMB

4.”Transformers –Generation1” 20 cm Megatron Golden Lagoon Model Kit-Limited Edition only releases 100 units (50 units/day)


5.YOLOPARK’s Limited Release at 2023 Shanghai WF –100 units of Optimus Prime mouse pads (50 units/day)


6.YOLOPARK’s Limited Release at 2023 Shanghai WF –100 units of ”Transformer:Rise of the Beasts” mouse pads (50 units/day)


7.YOLOPARK’s Limited Release at 2023 Shanghai WF –100 units of Transformer File Folder (50 units/day)


8.AMK Pro Series G1 Megatron and AMK Series Optimus Prime/Bumblebee/Optimus Primal Model Kit are available for purchase on site.The top 300 could get a limited canvas bag and fridge magnet.



Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai)

Time: October 2nd to October 3rd