[Hong Kong HKTDC2024]

The 2024 Hong Kong HKTDC Exhibition will open on January 8, 2024. YOLOPARK will showcase a variety of highly anticipated products at the HKTDC. The exhibition will take place at booth 3E-B02, where YOLOPARK will present its brand new product line, offering diverse choices and a fresh experience.

「Transformers – Rise of the Beasts」

+IES Series Optimus Primal Standard Version

+AMK Pro Series 16cm Mirage Model Kit


+AMK Series Scourge/Cheetor/Rhinox/Optimus Prime/Optimus Primal/Bumblebee Model Kit


「Transformers –Generation 1」

+AMK Pro Series Megatron Model Kit/Optimus Prime Model Kit/Starscream Model Kit


+AMK MINI Series

Optimus Prime/Bumblebee/Megatron/Soundwave/Starscream/Grimlock Model Kit


「Transformers –Bumblebee」

+IIES Series 62cm Cybertron Optimus Prime -Standard Version

+AMK Pro Series 20cm Soundwave Model Kit

+PMK Series 30cm Earth Mode Optimus Prime Plastic Model Kit & 30cm Shockwave Plastic Model Kit


「Transformers –The Last Knight」

+AMK Pro Series 20cm Optimus Prime Model Kit


The event offers a diverse range of product choices to meet different hobbies and needs!

YOLOPARK Booth Number: 3E-B02

Exhibition Dates: January 8th-11th

Exhibition Address: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region