**OFFICIAL REVIEW**: Deluxe ver. MK50! Double size as compared with Standard ver.? Huge numbers of weapon!

1/9 scale Mark50 Deluxe ver.

Wait please, this is not movie photos, this is our MK50 Deluxe version.

Weapons & accessories of MK50 Standard version:

What's more? Let us see!

1) Nano Shield

2) Back Stabilizing Thrusters

3) Battering Rams

4) Foot Clamps

5) Foot Thruster (Light effect)

6) Nano Katar


Package size is 60cm x 42cm x 18cm which is double as compared with MK50 standard version.

Product content:
MK50 Body*1
Nano Energy Blade * 1/  Nano Hand Blade * 1
Displacer sentries Set * 1/ Energy Displacer Cannons *2/ Nano Cannons*1
Platform*1/Light set*6/Battery*12 / Light*2
Battering Rams*2 / Foot Clamps *2
Foot Thruster*1 / Back Stabilizing Thrusters*1
•Nano Katar*1 / Nano Shield*1