GOOD NEWS!YOLOPARK will participate in the exhibition again~

The exhibition will be hosted at the first floor of the Beijing National Convention Center on April 7th to 9th and our booth at A25A!


We will display the some new exhibits:

「Transformers – Generation 1」

+AMK Pro series - Transformers: Generation 1: 20cm Megatron Model Kit(Colour Prototype)

「Transformers- THE MOVIE1-3」

+PMK series - Transformers- THE MOVIE1-3: 30cm Optimus Prime Model kit(Grey Prototype)

「Transformers-Dark of the moon THE MOVIE」

+DMK series-Transformers-Dark of the moon THE MOVIE: 35cm Megatron Dual Model Kit(Grey Prototype)

「Transformers - Bumblebee THE MOVIE」

+IIES Series 62cm Cybertron Optimus Prime - Deluxe Version

+PMK Series 30cm Earth mode Optimus Prime

+PMK Series 30cm Shockwave


Some limited benefits is prepared on site.

  1. We will sell 5 limited “IIES Series Cybertron Optimus Prime - Deluxe Version”
  2. You will have a chance to get a limited gift when you take a picture with Megatron and post to the social media.

The gift is first come first served~Let’s play together on site.



Exhibition Message:First Floor Of The Beijing National Convention Center, April 7th - 9th.

More information, please follow our Facebook page (YOLOPARK.official).